Calendered silicone rubber on nomex for the manufacture of silicone hose, sheeting and gaskets. Suitable for turbo and hot air applications upto 230 degrees C. If you require a higher temperature material we have woven glass fabric with high temperature silicone rubber available, temperatures upto 300 degrees C. Standard material and prices. Minimum 25 metre rolls. If you require a material or colour that is not in the list please contact us for your bespoke requirements. Colour matching is available upon request.

Part No.ThickTol.Width
61RI01N1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNomexRed Oxide
61BK01N1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNomexBlack£14.93
61RI01N1.21.2mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNomexRed Oxide
61BK01N1.21.2mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNomexBlack£16.32
61RI01N1.51.5mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNomexRed Oxide
61BK01N1.51.5mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNomexBlack£18.39

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