Calendered silicone rubber liner for the manufacture of silicone hoses, sheeting and gaskets. Standard liner is suitable for air or water application, fluoro liner is available for oil mist applications. All liners provide a protective barrier to stop the hose from leaking. Standard material and prices. Minimum 25 metre rolls. If you require a material or colour that is not in the list please contact us for your bespoke requirements. Colour matching is available upon request.

Part No.ThickTol.Width
61DB01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneDark Blue£9.88
61BK01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneBlack£9.88
61BR01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneBright Red
61YE01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneYellow
61OR01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneOrange
61BG01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneBright Green
61DG01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneDark Green
61WH01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNoneWhite
61PK01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNonePink
61PU01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmNonePurple
61FL01L1.01.0mm+/- 0.1mm1050mmFluoro Liner
61DB01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Dark Blue£14.36
61BK01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Black £14.36
61BR01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Bright Red £14.36
61YE01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Yellow £14.36
61OR01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Orange £14.36
61BG01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Bright Green £14.36
61DG01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None DarkGreen £14.36
61WH01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None White £14.36
61PK01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Pink £14.36
61PU01L1.5 1.5mm +/- 0.1mm 1050mm None Purple £14.36


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