About Us

Technical Rubber Solutions is a UK manufacturer of silicone hoses, calendered silicone rubber and associated products, with over 20 years experience in the Rubber Industry.  We work closely with the Automotive, Rail, Commercial, Construction, Agricultural and Food Industries, so we are well versed in complex product design and fast deliveries.


Our Products

As we are suppliers to the rubber industry we are able to offer nitrile hose, EPDM hose, rubber processing machinery, silicone rubber compound, fabrics, rubber extrusions, silicone ducting, neoprene ducting, uncured sheeting, hose clips, fittings, metal pipework and machined components.


Our Services

At Technical Rubber Solutions we are suppliers to the rubber industry. We also offer a tooling manufacture service to compliment the supply of calendered silicone rubber for all your production needs.